We manufacture the Kalman wooden playhouses, that represent exclusive, high quality play homes from Transylvania. 

They are uniquely created in 3-4 weeks, totally hand made by skilled craftsmen, who carefully polish the wood with special attention and care for children's use. 

The Kalman playhouses are 100% natural and ecological, made entirely in wood (fir tree tongue and groove interlocking boards) and painted only with ecological paints, based on water, specially chosen for children's health.  

The wood is treated against ignition, and special solution is applied against decay, mould and fungi. 

Warranty on all Kalman playhouses we create is 12 months from the day of delivery and installation at the client. 

Payment terms are 50% deposit in advance, when we sign the contract, followed by 50% paid on the day of playhouse's delivery at the client's place (for Romania).

When choosing one of the Kalman playhouses, parents and kids get involved together, from deciding its location to decorating it, using their imagination and creativity!

Our play homes are appreciated by children and adults too, as being a healthy environmental space for playing in the garden.

We produce the Kalman playhouses as the high quality wooden house where the little ones can play and develop their imagination, creating the great memories for tomorrow.  

For little boys and girls, any Kalman play home is like a dream come-true: is their own personal house, which they can arrange it the way they like, where they can invite friends and parents as guests, where they can play and have fun!